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Limited Edition 3 – Hand Crafted Specialty Coffee


SKU: PG-125

For the ones who love to arise with the curiosity of what the day holds, this single origin will give a lot to think about.
100% Arabica (Honey Shade Dried), Vienna roast(Medium Roast)

Flavour Notes : Orange and Dark Chocolate

Hints of Orange with the grounding of Dark Chocolate

Paragraph Limited Edition No. 3 (Honey Shade Dried) is the result of our collective ingenuity where Arabica beans are prepared with the pulp still on the beans. The specialty coffee beans are dried under shade and sun at regular intervals to maintain the perfect level of humidity and bring out the complex flavours.

Dimension L- 9cm, W- 9cm and H- 22cm

250 gms

GST 12%

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