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Gandhi Medallion

This ensemble comprises of an exquisitely crafted Gandhi Medallion; A 180 page Khadi-clad book titled
“Mahatma Gandhi – Eternal Inspiration” authored by Bharat M Mehta, Foreword by Kiran Mazumdar – Shaw;
An elegant, custom designed metallic bookmark: silhouette of the Mahatma (Dandi March) and a booklet on the designing of the Medallion.

The Gandhi Medallion, along with the book, is intended to perpetuate the Mahatma’s message across generations to come. The Medallion is made under a special permit issued to Barton and Sons by the Govt. of India.

The Gandhi Medallion:
3” diameter, silver plated finish, with a small holder, a booklet on the designing of the medallion and a book on Gandhiji with a metallic bookmark (Dandi March) – all enclosed in a beautiful wooden box.

We are Authorised Distributor for this Masterpiece.



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